IMRivers Junior: Helping Teachers Helping Students

July 28, 2008

One of the perks of IMRivers Junior is that it is a place where students and teachers can come together and create communities of individuals that are able to work together and spread the message of water conservation. One feature of IMRivers Junior is the Lesson Plan Section. Students and teachers can share class plans that worked particularly well or that they found really exciting. This is just one way the IMRivers Junior connects communities of students. If you have a lesson that you feel really brings across the point of water conservation, just email the IMRivers Team at and we will be sure to post your awesome ideas.


Calling all Classes

July 25, 2008

As much as teachers don’t want to admit it, school is just around the corner. This means a brand new students, grades, exams, and course material. IMRivers Junior would like to help all teachers of all levels who are interested in teaching their students about water and natural resource conservation, a topic extremely pertinent to todays current world issues. By simply e-mailing Dr. Wansoo Im, creator of IMRivers Junior, with the following information, you will receive your own IMRivers Junior site to teach your students. All you need to e-mail is the follwing:

– Name, e-mail

– School or Organization you work for

– Brief description of you plan for the website (with estimated timeline)

I hope many of you take advantage of this free teaching tool. It appeals to kids spatial and technological skills as well as teaches them basic fundamentals of science, how can you go wrong with that combination

Welcome To IMRiver Junior

July 18, 2008

Water conservation is relevant to a number of important topics. Water shortages, or contaminated water sources lead to economic and public health crisis in over 50 countries throughout the world. Inhabitable waterways also prevent wildlife from thriving in different areas, ruining the harvest and natural beauty of many areas throughout the world.

IMRivers Junior is a program dedicated to educating students on how to conserve these precious water sources using state-of-the-art Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology IMRivers Junior allows youth groups across the nation to create and run online, interactive mapping websites geared toward protecting local water sources from contamination. If you are interested in this FREE online mapping program for your students or class, please view the Application section of this website for more information on how to create your own IMRivers Junior account.

Coming Soon: IMRivers junior!!!

July 8, 2008

IMRivers is an online, interactive, community-based mapping application powered by Vertices LLC. Currently, many water conservation organizations use this application to display the concerns, beauty, and improvements of their waterways. Many organizations, including the River Network, have found IMRivers to be instrumental to vocalizing their cause of protecting our water sources and educating the general public.

Thus, IMRivers has decided to further broaden its educational impact by creating IMRivers junior will have the same tried-and-true mapping application as its ‘parent’ program IMRivers; however, IMRiverJR will be available FREE OF CHARGE to any organization working with students, K-12, to educate them about the importance of ecological conservation. Government organizations, non-profit organizations, and classrooms will be able to access and manage their own IMRiversJR account utilizing this Mappler application as a novel, innovative teaching tool. While IMRiversJR is currently in it’s planning phases, expect it to hit the web in about a week and be ready for use by student organizations across the nation!

Also, IMRiversJR is currently looking for advisors, experienced in water conservation, to help guide the development of program in coming months. If you would like to be an advisor, please e-mail Dr. Wansoo Im at